First book of the series

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Excerpt of Endurance

Written by April Thomas

Chapter 1-In one night

She lived with her mom, younger sister and stepfather. For as long as she could remember what seemed normal to her was not normal to others. For Mei, it was normal to see, speak and play with her great grandfather who was no longer living. He would show her things to come the good and the bad. When she occasionally had enough courage to tell her mom what visions she had her mother would ridicule her for daydreaming.

Mei got into trouble a lot for daydreaming her teachers were annoyed with her. Little did they understand Mei was not day dreaming at all. She was very gifted when she had a vision she would be completely taking in by the experience as if she were truly standing there. Watching everything happen around her. One afternoon when Mei was thirteen she had one of the strongest visions she could remember. A group of men had been trying to recover a lawn mower that had fell into the canal behind her house. Mei walked over to the back sliding glass door and gazed out at them.

They were scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get the lawn mower out. One guy had already dived into the dark murky water. He was shouting to his friend “I can’t even see my hand in front of my face.” As Mei touched the handle to the sliding glass door she instantly felt pulled into a vision.

Mei was standing on her back patio her mom ran past her frantic. Mei looked down by the canal in her back yard and there were the same men everyone was panic stricken. One man was on the floor screaming holding his right leg. It was bleeding heavily; the man was in a great deal of pain. Mei’s mom came running by screaming at her to get some towels, but she couldn’t move she appeared to be in shock.

Images of what had taken place moments before ran through Mei’s mind. The men decided it would be smart to attach a long metal chain to the back of their Ford and the other to the handle of the lawn mower, that by some miracle they found. The old rusty metal chain was not long enough, so they decided to add length to the chain with other chains. When they started pulling the chain by using the truck it got caught on a ledge.

The owner of the lawn mower who seemed to be more concerned about retrieving the lawn mower than safety annoyingly stood to close to the chain.  Mei’s mom kept telling him “Watch out for the chain!” and “Don’t stand so close to the chain.” He wouldn’t listen. He was so focused on his investment that he would step away yet end up right back next to the chain. They decided to rev up the engine to causing the truck to yank on the chain hoping to break free what was blocking the lawn mower. That’s when it happened. The chain snapped, wrapping itself around the leg of that very stubborn man. Ripping away at his flesh right down to the bone.

When Mei came out of the vision she wanted to tell her mother what she just experienced, but then Mei stopped and thought. “She never believes me, she always thinks that I’m daydreaming.” Mei also could see that she would do nothing. Mei finally did however decide to tell her that one of those men might get hurt. Mei’s mother told her “Don’t worry they seem to know what they are doing.” However, her mother’s body language seem to say the opposite as she stood staring nervously out at the men in her back yard.

The next day it happened, exactly the way Mei had seen it and she felt guilty. It was like she did it to him. Mei cried standing out on her back patio.  Mei’s mother thought that Mei was just in shock, but she told her why she was so upset “I watched this happen to him everything.” Mei cried.  Her mother’s reply was “Why didn’t you tell me?”  All these years Mei was made fun of, ridiculed and told you daydream too much and now her mother’s reply was. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

From that day forward Mei felt punished for not saying something, she felt like God was punishing her because he gave her a powerful gift and she didn’t use it. For a very long time she didn’t have any visions.

Mei no longer communicated with her ancestor. Mei knew he was always with her but she could no longer hear or see him. She became miserable and withdrawn she self loathed and then that day came that changed her life forever. It was the day she heard Max Martinez some rich kid that attended her school. Of course all the girls obsessed over him. Max was six foot two; he had beautiful grey eyes, soft curly hair and a sweet Carmel complexion. He kept his dark hair well maintained. He also seemed to be one of those guys that believed in keeping fit. This was an attractive quality to Mei, but she also felt that it was also cocky.

Max stood apart from the guys in high school in the way he treated girls.  This is why they could never get over him. Every girl but Mei wanted to be with him. It wasn’t that Mei didn’t find him attractive she just wasn’t into a guy that every one obsessed over. Mei wanted a guy who had a good heart, who she could trust and know that he genuinely loved her. It didn’t matter to Mei because she knew a guy like Max would only be into some superficial chick. Mei did not see herself in that category.



About April Thomas

April Thomas is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She is the author and writer of a book series called Endurance, which was first published in 2009. She has incredible inspiration and creativity. She has built and designed her website called Endurance9, and still manages to explore her natural gift of designing her own line of Embellish jewelry, costume drawing/sewing, and a passion for photography. April Thomas knows how to tap into a woman's essence of beauty and imagination. She has also been an advocate in the Native American culture, community, and children.

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  1. I could not put this book down beyond a page turner!!!

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