Endurance (Re-edited)

Re-editedAs some of you may know, Endurance, my first book has gone through a lot when it comes to editing. It had been edited before, but not very well. I am happy and grateful that I was able to find a great trustworthy editor who happily re-edited Endurance. I hope that you enjoy the first chapter of Endurance titled Mei. God Bless and have a great weekend~ April



Chapter 1~ Mei

In a neat three-bedroom townhouse. A young sixteen -year-old girl named Mei Gordon lived with her mother, Song, younger sister, Ariaha, and step-father, Thomas Paulard.
She was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Jacob and Song Gordon. Two years after her father’s tragic death, her mother remarried and they moved to Central Florida.
As far back as she could remember, the world appeared different to her, it felt different. To her seeing, speaking and playing with earthly spirits was a normal experience. She enjoyed most visits from numerous spirits. However, the occasional dark entity would present itself to her. It would do it’s best to drag her into the darkness.
Mei refuses to allow it to win. Her being epitomize the spirit of a profound fighter, however, she did not fight alone. Her great-grandfather would encourage her. Speaking into her spiritual ear. Summoning her will to continue fighting. She knew that he was sent by God and cherished each visit with him. He would show her things to come, the good and the bad.
Occasionally, she would find the courage to tell her mother about her supernatural experiences; however, Song would ridicule her experiences and scold Mei for daydreaming.
At school, she got into trouble often for daydreaming. Her teachers were annoyed with her muffled whispers into thin air. Along with the occasional blank stares, that no one could shake her from. However well their intentions may have been, it was hard for them to understand or appreciate her profound gift.
When Mei experienced a vision, her entire physical body would shut down. She became rigid, her eyes would not blink and her mouth gaped. This would alarm the teachers causing them to call for the school’s counselor. Sometimes it would be minutes, exceptionally rare would it go on for an hour.
Although her body appeared unresponsive to the outside world, inside an entirely different scene played on. Mei would be utterly taking in by the mysterious experience. Her spiritual body actively recorded everything she felt, tasted, viewed, and heard.
At thirteen, Mei experienced an ardent vision that changes her forever…
Thomas, her step-father hired a small local landscaping company to care for the lawn and trees around their home. They were reasonably priced and eager, to please. The company of normally two men did a terrific job and paid attention to detail, but on this occasion, they brought along a new guy. The new person missed the warning on mowing the patch of soft land besides the man made canal. To his surprise the lawnmower fell into the dark water, taking him with it.
He had to let go realizing it would drown him if he didn’t. For the next few days, the owner of the landscaping company insisted on retrieving the lawnmower, grumbling over the expense of the machine.
Mei and the entire household watched intensely as the three-man crew fought to find the lawnmower in the dark waters. After coming back with the scuba equipment, they discovered the lawnmower resting on a ledge about ten feet down.
They were scratching their heads struggling to understand how to get the lawnmower out, it was too heavy to swim to the surface even with two men and visibility did not exist.
Mei stood by the closed back sliding glass door of her home and watched. She wanted to hear what was being said and touched the handle to the sliding glass door to step outside. This was when it happened. Suddenly she was pulled into a vision.
In the vision, she was standing on her back patio, her mother ran past her frantic. Mei looked down by the canal in her back yard and there were the two men standing around a man screaming on the ground. They seemed to be panic stricken. Song, Mei’s mother, ran past screaming at her to get towels, but she couldn’t move she appeared to be in shock.
In her mind, Mei pondered on what could have gone wrong? Instantly, images of what had taken place moments before played in her mind.
One of the men suggested attaching a strong chain from the lawnmower to the back of the owner’s old Ford truck. Unfortunately, the chain they found wasn’t long enough, and it was decided to add more length. They found a rusty chain the owner had in the back of his pickup truck. When they began to pull the chain by using the power of the truck, the lawnmower became wedged on a second ledge.
The owner seemed to be more concerned about retrieving the lawnmower than safety. Annoyingly, he stood too close to the chain. Song would repeatedly warn him, “Watch out for the chain!” or “Don’t stand so close to the chain.” However, he wouldn’t listen. So focused on his investment, he would step away yet end up right back next to the chain moments later.
One of the men started the engine while one man stayed in the water a safe distance from the lawnmower. The owner stood precariously near the rusty old chain. When the chain jerked, the owner thoughtlessly yelled at the driver not to stop. “Force it!” He shouted.
Then it happened. The chain snapped, wrapping around the owner’s leg ripping away at his flesh right down to the bone.
Mei abruptly came out of the vision she needed to tell her mother what she just experienced, but then she stopped and thought; she never believes me, she always thinks that I’m daydreaming. She also felt that her mother would do nothing to prevent the accident from happening. But, after careful consideration she decided to tell her mother her vision.
Her mother’s response was, “don’t worry; they seem to know what they are doing.” However, her mother’s body language seems to say the opposite as she stood staring nervously out at the men in her back yard.
The precise next day it happened, exactly the way she had envisioned it. She felt guilty and angry; it was as if she did it to him. Mei cried standing out on her back patio. Song assumed that Mei was just scared by what happened.
From that day forward Mei felt punished for not doing more to prevent the accident from happening. She felt as if God had punished her for not using her gift wisely. She no longer had visions. Mei stopped communicated with spirits. She knew they were there, but she blocked herself from hearing and seeing them. She became miserable and withdrawn, she self-loathed for years, until that day in school, when she experienced something new.
Max Martinez, a popular student whom attended her school, finally caught her attention. Of course, all of the hormone driven teenage girls obsessed over him. He stood an impressive six foot two with soft, alluring grey eyes, perfect dark curly hair, and a sweet caramel complexion. He kept his hair well maintained and wore the latest fashion. He believed in staying fit and healthy which always attracted Mei. However, his ego seemed a bit too large for her to stand in the same room with.
He stood apart from the other guys his age in the way he treated girls. This is why they could never get over him. Every girl except Mei wanted to be with him. Mei just found it too hard to become silly over a guy that everyone else was obsessed about. She wanted a guy who embodied a good heart, someone she could trust and know that he genuinely loved her. She observed the girls Max dated, she could not see herself in any of their shoes.


About April Thomas

April Thomas is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She is the author and writer of a book series called Endurance, which was first published in 2009. She has incredible inspiration and creativity. She has built and designed her website called Endurance9, and still manages to explore her natural gift of designing her own line of Embellish jewelry, costume drawing/sewing, and a passion for photography. April Thomas knows how to tap into a woman's essence of beauty and imagination. She has also been an advocate in the Native American culture, community, and children.

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