Spirit (Excerpt)


God’s Daughters

   A daughter of God, divinely chosen before her birth to carry out numerous important missions for God.  She is one of many female warriors for God.  Satan knew this and this was why he came after every man in her life.  He did not want her to have any children knowing that each child she or anyone like her had, would bring devastation to his plans.
“Makayla!” screamed the emergency medic.  He leaned over her as his partner searched her limp body for any signs of life. She was covered in blood, her barely clothed body in disarray. Her parents watched helplessly as the medics tried to hang on to any faint signs of life they could find. “I’ve got a pulse!” a medic announced.”Oh, thank God!” Coretta yelled, clutching her speechless husband.
Fa couldn’t take his eyes off of his daughter, his only child. Makayla had not been easy to raise; at eighteen she had chosen to elope with her very first boyfriend.  It had ended badly – to no one’s surprise.  Now she was married to another man her father disapproved of.  Fa looked up towards the ceiling, quietly thanking God and begging him to spare his daughter’s life.  He promised God he would do everything in his power to make sure this would not happen to his daughter again.  He looked over to his wife and planted a kiss on the top of her head.
Catching the sight of his son-in-law’s car keys, his mind drifted to Makayla’s missing husband.  Neil Boswell seemed like a nice guy; however, Fa could not accept him.  Neil had a respectable job and he did take care of Makayla’s financial needs.  However, Fa never felt comfortable leaving his only daughter to be cared for by Neil.
“Get the gurney!” demanded a medic as he continued to try to revive Makayla.  “Come on, angel, wake up” he pleaded.  Raphael Ross, the emergency medic, fought hard to save as many lives as God allowed him.  His heart went out to Makayla, and he knew God was on his side to save her life.
Makayla’s eyes flew open and she began to fight the medics.
“Miss, we are here to help…  please calm down.” Raphael soothed, speaking in a clear, calm voice.  He stared into her brown eyes.  She stared back into his blue eyes as thoughts about her husband flooded her mind. In her spirit she searched for answers as to why this happened to her. Once more her mind slipped into the darkness.

Neil Boswell was a handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed man.  He worked as a stockbroker and has been very successful.   He loved his wife and felt lucky to have her, she knew.  Makayla and Neil had been married for the past five years and had no children.  Her eyes began to roll to the back of her head as flashes of a violent night shuffled through her mind.
“Makayla!” the medic yelled, ripping Makayla from her thoughts. “Who did this to you?”
Again her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she fell into an abyss of her sub-consciousness.  The words replayed themselves in her mind, as images of last night came back to her yet again, this time playing as a movie in her mind’s eye.  She was at home, upset about Neil.  Over the past two months he had changed, ever since she had been approached with a modeling contract for a popular women’s magazine.  She thought that Neil would have been happy for her. This was something she had dreamt of for years and it was now becoming a reality.  It broke her heart to learn that Neil not only didn’t want her to accept the deal, but that he made her to feel she wasn’t good enough for the project.
“Makayla… you want to be a model?  Are you kidding me?  You’re too fat.  Have you taken a good look at those girls?  They are young and skinny,” he had said.
He knew that this was not true.  Makayla had a beautiful build and exotic features.  She didn’t look her age.  People often mistook her for being a much younger woman.  Neil only told her those things to keep her from becoming successful out of fear that she would one day leave him, she was certain.
After a month of Neil putting her down and mocking her, hindering her at each step she made towards her success, Makayla began to see him as the enemy.  She stopped telling him what was going on in her career.  She made sure he was not a part of her decisions.
It didn’t take Neil long to realize what she was doing.  He couldn’t let her succeed.  Remembering an aunt who dabbled in the occult, he sought her out, asking for advice and assistance to bring an end to Makayla’s success.
Neil knocked on the front door of his aunt’s house.  A vintage home which needed a fresh coat of paint and serious maintenance, it sat at the end of the block on a corner lot.  Not even the neighborhood children would visit this house on Halloween. The kids called his aunt a witch and their parents did not dispute them.  Katrina Boswell was a contemptible old woman.  She gave her neighbors hell and cursed any of them that attempted to make peace with her.  She only spoke to those whom she felt were not a waste of her time. Someone had to have something she desired for herself to be worth her attention.
Katrina opened the front door and gave a morbid grin to her nephew.  “Come in, dear boy.” she greeted.
Neil took a hesitant step forward, knowing that after crossing this threshold there would be no going back.
Entering the home, he stifled a mix of laughter and embarrassment as his eyes and mind struggled to put together the view before him.  His aunt, whom had been struck by lightning twice before the age of twenty and again in her forties, had become quite a character.  Today, she looked as if she had been working out dressed in an orange and blue sweatsuit with bright pink wristbands.
“I see you’ve been working out,” Neil said, looking around for where she could have possibly found the space to exercise.
“Well, you know, I’m not getting any younger.  I have to stay fit if I ever want to attract my millionaire.” she answered plainly.
“Right,” he answered, not knowing what else could be said after such a statement.
“What brings you here, sweet boy?” Katrina asked as her arthritic hands struggled to pull out a dining room chair for Neil to sit on.
“Oh, nothing, Aunt Trina.” Neil blurted out as he helped his aunt pull the chair out and in turn offered it for her to sit down.
Katrina smiled as she took the seat.
Neil quickly removed a dusty stack of witchcraft books from the chair across from her and sat down.  He took a moment to look around the house.  His aunt was a hoarder.  She had collected a huge amount of items, storing them in her house since she had moved in thirty-five years ago.
“Something is bothering you.  How’s my brother doing?” she asked, searching for what could be distressing her nephew.
“He’s fine, really.  It’s just…”
“Makayla?” she blurted abruptly.
Neil reclined in his chair and put his head back.  “I know I’m going to lose her!” he exclaimed.
“Tell auntie what is happening,” Katrina said with a sinful grin.  She had been waiting to get her hands on some action.  She lived to bring destruction to others.
“I can handle it.  I just need someone to talk to, someone who will understand.  That’s why I came here.  I really don’t want trouble,” Neil lied, he was seeking an easy resolution to his problem, but was hesitant about being completely forthcoming with his aunt.
“Now we both know that isn’t true.  You are here because you don’t want to lose your wife.  This is understandable, you love her…  Well, you love what she has done for you.” Katrina responded.
“What do you mean?”
“Neil… let’s be frank.  Makayla is no ordinary girl.  She is rare, sort of like a walking, breathing, good luck charm.  You made a lot of money when she came into your life,” Katrina said, looking at her nephew who was now staring at her, hanging on her every word and knowing they were all true.  “Remember your life before Makayla – you couldn’t make a business deal if your life depended on it.  Then came Makayla.  God answered your prayer, gave you a gift.”
Neil thought about what his aunt was saying, remembering back to weeks before he met Makayla.  He was doing well in most areas of his life, but couldn’t find a decent companion and his finances were questionable.  After following a friend’s advice and attending a singles’ Christian meeting event, he saw Makayla for the first time.  Instantly, he fell in love with her, and he promised God he would be the man she needed, if he got the chance to be with her.
“You knew there was something different about her when you met her and you had to have it,” Katrina spoke, breaking Neil away from his thoughts.  “Your mother, the Christian – she was always looking down her nose at everyone. Why my brother married her is beyond me,” she grumbled.
“What does all this mean?” Neil questioned.
“You know why you are here. You made the decision in your heart already.  Let’s not play games.”
“Games?”  He snorted.
“Yes, games… you don’t want to lose her and all the success you’ve been having.”
“No.  I mean… yes.  No…  No, I can’t.  She is a good person.  She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.” A mix of emotions encircled his thoughts, causing him to rethink his original intentions.
“Yes, well, it’s your decision”
“I can’t lose her,” he mumbled.
“Tell me what you want and I will make it happen for you,” Katrina said as she gave him a cunning smile.
“Do it…  Make it that she never leaves me and if she does… make sure she is of no use to any other man,” Neil ended, as he stood and proceeded towards the door.  He paused when he heard his aunt clear her throat.  He turned to see her leaning back in her chair, her arm outstretched and her open palm suggesting she wanted payment for her services.  He rolled his eyes as he reached back into his wallet, pulling out five thousand dollars cash, and placing it in her hands.
“I want to see fast results.  I have a major client considering me to handle the company investments.  Makayla has to be the one to tell me if it would be a good venture or not,” Neil informed his aunt.
“Well, five thousand dollars is just a start,” Katrina said.
“I can get you another five grand by tomorrow.”
“That’s better,” Katrina agreed, grinning as Neil walked out of the door.
“So… Neil Boswell…  I thought church boy would never come through,” a demonic voice said.
Katrina leapt to her feet as she peered into a dark corner of her house, behind the old dusty boxes and numerous old televisions and radios which sat in the corner of her living room. She smiled devilishly as Satan emerged out of the dark corner, stepping into a small clearing.
“Katrina Boswell, look at how you’ve aged.”  He said smirking.
“You promised me youth forever!”
“Yes, when you fulfill your promise to me.”
“But, I have given you three souls. Two were my very own children,” she cried out.
“Please, I am so tired of women like you who try to play the motherly role on me.  A real mother would never sell her children to me.  So let’s not play GAMES.”  He chuckled.  “I told you four souls was your payment.”
“Well Neil makes four!” she exclaimed.
“Yes, and what a good one.  Almost makes up for the last failed attempt.  Now, I have a doorway to that wife of his.”
“Maybe I can bring you Makayla.  Would that grant me eternal life, as well as beauty?” Katrina questioned.
“You couldn’t get Makayla.”
“Just give me a chance, Master,” Katrina pleaded, falling down to her knees and clasping her hands together.
He looked down at her and laughed.  She was too easy; he knew that she would give anything to have what she wanted.  “If you think you could get Makayla, then be my guest.  And if eternal life is what you want than you can have it.”  He chuckled to himself, knowing he could not give her eternal life.  He enjoyed the ignorance of the wicked.  They knew nothing of God’s Cosmic Laws and they rebuked knowledge.  This made it easy for him to seek and destroy.

After visiting with his aunt, Neil quickly made his way to church.  In his twisted mind, he believed that God would conceal his sins if he confessed them.  After all, he was not actually the one doing the spiritually malicious works, so his hands were still clean.  Or so he believed.
Pulling into the parking lot, he quickly straightened his suit and tie in the rearview mirror before hopping out of his car.  He quickly ran his fingers through his blonde hair and made his way to the front steps of the church.
“Neil, how are you?” Pastor Patrick Harris greeted as he approached Neil.
“H-Hello p-pastor?” Neil stuttered, not making eye contact with the joyful pastor.
“Son, is everything all right?” Pastor Patrick questioned, placing his hand on Neil’s shoulder, concerned about the obvious distress he was showing.
“I- I am fine, Pastor, thank you for caring.”  He smiled nervously.
“Take it to God, son.  Rest all of your cares on him.  There is nothing too big for God.”
“Thank you, Pastor,” Neil said as he nodded in agreement.
The pastor smiled, patting Neil on the shoulder before walking away.
Neil headed towards the double doors of the fellowship hall and walked towards the first pew.  Slowly, he sat, thinking about what he had just done.  Sliding to his knees, he began to ask God to forgive him for his sins and keep them hidden from his wife.  His prayers fell on deaf ears from that day forward.


About April Thomas

April Thomas is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She is the author and writer of a book series called Endurance, which was first published in 2009. She has incredible inspiration and creativity. She has built and designed her website called Endurance9, and still manages to explore her natural gift of designing her own line of Embellish jewelry, costume drawing/sewing, and a passion for photography. April Thomas knows how to tap into a woman's essence of beauty and imagination. She has also been an advocate in the Native American culture, community, and children.

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