Zeila Finn (Excerpt)

Zelia Finn is a children’s book that I have been working on for quite sometime. It’s a comedy about an alien teen age girl who was left behind by her mother when she was just a baby. In this scene she is living with her foster mother, an eccentric elderly lady named Mildred.



The next morning Zeila had been awoken by the sound of the garden hose and Mildred’s feet sloshing through puddles of water outside her bedroom window. Sluggishly Zeila peeked through her window blinds to see Mildred over watering her dead roses, while wearing a beekeeper’s outfit.

Zelia sighed as she slumped back into her bed.
Her stomach growled and she could only think of what she could fill her tummy with. Slipping into her bedroom slippers and throwing on her robe she made her way to the kitchen. Opening the fridge hesitantly, she was almost scared to look inside.

The fridge contained a half-eaten Fig Newton, a tube of toothpaste, a cup of dirt, a pearl necklace, two old plane tickets to Paris and movie ticket stubs.
Mildred entered through the back door that lead directly into the kitchen, “Well, good morning, beautiful,” she greeted, taking of her mesh bee keeper’s hat.  She tucked it under her arm. “How did you sleep?”
“Good,” Zelia mumbled as she closed the fridge door.
“There’s some cereal in the cupboard, milk in the freezer,” Mildred said nonchalantly as she made her way into the living room.
Zelia threw her head back in frustration and slowly made her way back to her bedroom.


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