About my writing style

Recently I was told that the problem with my stories is that some of them are not completed and seem to be forgotten. I wanted to address this because my writing style may not be for everyone. I was once married to a Native American story teller. He told amazing stories often I would make him tell me a story. I don’t know if you ever heard a Native American story told in person, it’s a child-like experience. Anyway, in Native storytelling there is no real beginning and no real end. A story can go on for a very long time and you may hear different versions from different story tellers. My ex would tell me the story and at each time there would be more to the beginning going deeper into the main character’s life and the end would go further than before. It simulated life because often these stories are verbal history lessons of the past.
I know that most stories have a first person or second person’s point of view. However, mine is written from a spirits point of view. You the reader become like a spirit or t.v. camera lens and you float around learn about each character. learning their thoughts and seeing them in their private moments. I want you to feel like you are a fly on a wall when you read my books. I also want the reader to understand each characters point of view. Now, this may be hard when it comes to editing, but I can’t help it. It feels wrong to only write from one person’s stand point . Also some stories are started in one book continue on to the next or may not be heard of until much later on. Such is life. you meet people you lose touch and later when your patch crosses again you reconnect for what every purpose. Writing is a great joy to me and I hope that you can enjoy my highly imaginative stories. God bless have a safe week everyone.Imageriting


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  1. Your writing style is great! You always make me laugh out loud, or drop my jaw, or both. It’s a good thing I don’t wear dentures…:-bd

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