Feral in print

The bride, on her wedding night, describes the marriage as an arrangement, something she entered into reluctantly, out of a sense of family obligation, in exchange for needed help for a parent. She loves another, and does not love her husband, and warns him that she can’t be “bought.” How will her husband cope with this? What will their life together be like? And how will the reluctant bride respond with her new husband’s expectations that she will fulfill his desires in the bedroom.

Unwilling spirit, but weak flesh. The novel is not for prudes, as it describes, very vividly, the intimate issues that arise from this situation. But this is not one of those paper-thin erotic novels which use a thin veneer of storyline to swiftly get to mechanical descriptions of sexual acts separate from character and emotion. Instead, it is a mature and believable interesting storyline developed in a multifaceted and complex world which draws you into a private world which is recognizably real.

The unique blend of in-depth characters and cinematic story presents visually and thematically rich images in your mind of the ongoing and changing dimensions of a marriage which may turn out to be far more than it appears to be at first blush. Will the husband get what he truly wants? Will the wife learn to love her husband? How will they deal with the issues surrounding their life together and children?

The sexual scenes are extremely hot and clearly written in a manner that both men and women will enjoy, unlike the either/or, one-sided approach that all too many erotic novels choose to adopt. I know this is one I will return to again and again, because, like any truly satisfying experience, once is not enough.

A thoroughly enjoyable reading experience filled with numerous moments to savor.       

~George Smith


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