Present day, Brooklyn, New York, 2012
The still of the night has been broken by the sound of a hot-iron pot, filled with the night’s dinner, colliding with the skull of young Promise Emerson.
The house erupts into screams and cries as Delores Emerson struggles to protect her daughter from her belligerent husband. Prudence, her youngest daughter, backs herself into a corner and then slides to the floor, overwhelmed with fear. She buries her head in her knees and wraps her frail arms around her thin legs.
Promise falls to her knees, fully aware of the pain inflicted upon her, but disconnected from reality.
“No, No!” Delores cries out, fearing her daughter is mortally wounded. She rushes to her daughter’s aid, only to get hit in the face with the same pot, causing her to fall back in excruciating pain.
Blood oozes from Promise’s head injury as her father staggers over her, the hot pot still in his hand.
“Get out of here, you slut!” He throws the pot, grinning when it hits Promise’s shoulder.
Soft gentle whimpers fill the room as Promise stoically gets to her feet and leaves the room.
This is a typical night in the Emerson home…


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