A daughter of God, divinely chosen before her birth to carry out numerous important missions for God. She is one of many female warriors for God. Satan knew this and this was why he came after every man in her life. He did not want her to have any children knowing that each child she or anyone like her had, would bring devastation to his plans.


Posted on June 10, 2012, in Endurance 1st book of the series. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Wow! Great job on the video (as always), and you already know that I totally love the story. You know, I was thinking-(uh-oh)-it really would be an excellent idea for you to write about your personal spiritual experiences. It would be very credible coming from you and would probably make a lot of headway. Anyway, it’s just a thought…thank you again for making me feel so good today. Later, Sister. ;D

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