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Dearly Beloved

(Amy part VII)


Dearly beloved if you only knew

How my love’s still true to you

There’s never a day that passes by

I’d think of you and start to cry


Dearly beloved there it goes

Time without you always slows

I’d cross again this great divide

Just to have you by my side


Dearly beloved forget the rest

Compared to them you’re just the best

There’s nothing else I’d rather be

But loving you who’s loving me


Dearly beloved my heart’s gone sore

And everyday I want you more

Amy my love I ask how long

Let me know please sing the song


Dearly beloved show the sign

I want you in these arms of mine

I want to caress your tender lips

And feel you on my fingertips


Beloved if I fade away

Bring me back like yesterday

You know I’ve fallen once before

Now I’ll endure forevermore


Dearly beloved please come soon

Confront me under the shining moon

I’ll fight my way through this endeavor

To love you…




Asayake RaiX


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