NalahNalah is a beautiful being, inside and out. She is strong, determined,  driven, yet very feminine. She is a spiritual mystery, however, no one questions this because of who her mother is.  Nalah comes from a rare tribe of Nirvatrans who have the ability to change their skin tone.  They have a belief of being with only one other being for life, which is their soul mates.  When Nalah discovers her soulmate, it questions everything she thought she knew about her people and her spirituality.

You can learn more about Nalah in the first book of Nirvatra available now.



About April Thomas

April Thomas is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She is the author and writer of a book series called Endurance, which was first published in 2009. She has incredible inspiration and creativity. She has built and designed her website called Endurance9, and still manages to explore her natural gift of designing her own line of Embellish jewelry, costume drawing/sewing, and a passion for photography. April Thomas knows how to tap into a woman's essence of beauty and imagination. She has also been an advocate in the Native American culture, community, and children.

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