A Relentless Love

The End

A swift and gentle breeze blew through the King’s chambers. Queen Isis smiled as the aroma of her husband filled her nostrils. Her eyes fluttered open as they struggled to adjust to the morning sunlight.

“Arise my love, and look upon our kingdom. What a beautiful day for a celebration,” King Osiris said as he leaned over his beloved, shielding her from the sun’s warming rays.

“A celebration of what, my love?” she said playfully then giggled as she snuggled close to him.

“Of what?” he questioned out loud while running his fingers through her dark hair. “Ah, of our love for our kingdom and each other,” he smiled leaning down to kiss her soft lips.

“Pharaoh you do not need to celebrate something that is already known, the people know how much you love them and how much we love each other,” the queen gently protested, now pulling the silk sheets around her to cover her nakedness as she rose from their bed.

The king took hold of his wife, and embraced her kissing his way down to her belly, “It’s time we brought forth an heir, and people are beginning to wonder,” he said between planted kisses.

Queen Isis smiled as she gently ran her fingers through his hair. “Are you ready for such a task?” her heart quickens at her own question.

“Since before we were born,” he said rising to face her. She fit perfectly in his arms, her small hands resting against his chiseled chest.

In their silence, King Osiris drifted deep into his own subconscious, where he would think of ways to improve life for the people of his kingdom.

“Take me to where you are?” The words fell softly from her lips taking hold of his heart, and bringing his attention back to her.

“I am with you, my love,” he said, kissing her forehead as he stepped back. “I will go meet with the servants you should eat as I plan out tonight’s feast.”


“Yes, do not worry; it’s a day of gratitude. Let’s give thanks as Amen Ra smiles upon our kingdom,” he shouted over his shoulder as he left their bedroom chamber.

The Queen’s servants did not hesitate to enter and prepare her for the daily tasks around the palace. However Queen Isis was in no mood to perform her daily duties. Her mind and heart were at war, and her spirit sensed that danger was around the corner for her husband and King.

“Has the King set a time for the festival tonight?” she asked her royal hairdresser.

“He is meeting with the planners as we speak. The Pharaoh wastes no time when his mind is set on a matter,” the servant girl replied cheerfully. “And what a large warm heart he has to invite the entire kingdom,” she added as she placed the last gold and turquoise pin in the queens hair.

“Well I’m sure not everyone,” the Queen smiled nervously. There was one person she would not want to see in attendance, and hoped that the King did not include on the guest list.

“My Queen, do not worry, the King has great guards to defend him,” her hairdresser reassured her, bringing a little peace to her heart.

“I suppose your right, I must stop worrying.”

“Yes, and enjoy every moment with your husband. He has a Harem filled with the most beautiful woman, and he is never with them.”

“Yes, remind me to burn that place down,” the Queen joked lightly as she admired the work of her hairdresser.

“My Queen, you have nothing to worry about, he has been selling them off one by one, and who is always in his bed each and every night?”

Isis’ cheeks grew warm. “I know, I’m being silly, I will try to control my jealousy,” she said, standing from her chair. Another servant rushed over to place her sandals on her feet.

“Are you ready?” a royal official asked, ready to lead her away to perform her duties as Queen.

“Yes, what must be done for the day?” The queen asked the royal official who waited by the entrance of the bedroom chamber.

Not too far away, the King met with his elite and trusted friends and court officials. Planning for the feasts was complete and now his officials were bringing him the daily reports. Although the King loved his kingdom, this was not one of his most favorite tasks of the day; it would normally end in a lot of bickering.

“Your Highness, you cannot sell off your entire harem because your Queen cannot handle the competition.” The head eunuch pronounced. If the King should do away with all his concubines, then he would be out of a job, and this was the basis of his fear.

“Isis knows nothing of this, do not speak of the Queen in such a way, none of them can compare to her, she is your queen and theirs. Sell them all and turn the harem into a play area for my children to come, you can watch over them.” The King ordered carefully hiding the grin growing on his face from observing the head eunuch’s response, everyone knew he hated children he compared them to wild animals.

“As you wish your Highness,” he replied begrudgingly, taking a quick bow and scurrying away with his personal assistant.

Losing the harem was more than just losing a well paid job for him. He was also losing a great deal of wealth made by prostituting the concubines to underhanded royal officials and dignitaries that paid him handsomely for one night with a virgin beauty. He also made extra by selling off any offspring conceived in the process. If the king knew about this, losing his job as head eunuch would be the least of his worries.

“Your highness, I request a private counsel with you at your earliest convenience?” Akil the royal financial advisor said.

King Osiris looked about the room and found no reason for him to not speak privately with his financial advisor now. “It’s a good time for a break,” the king announced while standing and motioning for Akil to follow him to his private meeting room.

Akil scrambled together his scrolls and scurried behind the king, once settled in a private chamber with only Akil and the kings most trusted bodyguard, Sabola, who stood careful watch over the king. Akil promptly began to inform the king about his unsettling findings.

“Your highness, there are some questionable purchases and exchanges that I have found to be very strange?” He paused looking over his open scroll to make sure he had the King’s full attention. “Your brother, Set, has spent some considerable time and money to fund projects that he has somewhat kept hidden for quite some time now.”

“Set is always up to something, maybe he has fallen for a new concubine?” Osiris smiled, taking it lightly.

“She must be one incredible woman,” Akil grumbled.

“Is there anything else?” Osiris chuckled under his breath at Akil’s response.

Akil shifted his weight and slouched his shoulders, “I can go on for days on curious happenings, financial and more, but I know that you will seek more evidence to satisfy the questions you may have.”

The king realized that Akil was greatly troubled. “Speak old friend,” he leaned forward in his seat and focused all his attention on Akil.

After shifting his weight nervously he threw caution to the wind and proceeded to inform the king on the kingdoms inaccuracies.


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