Codex & The Being Of Karma

Codex & The Being Of Karma

Codex & The Being Of Karma

Chapter 1~ Ascension
August 11th 2013

In the distance the glorious sound of more than a million angels, singing in perfect harmony filled the air.  Mei, Makayla, Cora, Cressida, Marla, Anna, and the children Uriel, Raphael, Solomon, Enoch, and Temperance are all together. The only person missing is Winston and Tia.  Slowly each of them begins to open their eyes. Makayla had been the first and her eyes began to tear at the beauty that surrounded them.

Everything around them is decorated in a pristine white with gleaming gold trim. A crystal chandelier is suspended from a ceiling that appears to be made of slowly moving clouds. The continual sound of angels singing in the distance soothes the heart and mind. The temperature could not be more perfect. The entire atmosphere was perfection.

“Where are we?” Cressida asked somewhat fearful of the answer.

“Are we dead?” Mei asked in a panic stricken voice. All she could think about is Max and the fear of missing the chance to grow old together.

“I’ve died before…this is similar, but very different,” Makayla answered her cousin. She glanced down at her hand remembering that she was holding Tia’s hand and now she was missing.

“Than what is this?” Cora asked looking all around them.

“Your fervent prayers have brought about a temporary ascension for you all,” an angel spoke as he entered the room they were standing in.

“Where is Tia?” Makayla asked him as she stepped closer to the angel.

He was tall, and slender. Makayla paused as she looked up at him. He reminded her of a basketball player she had dated once, although he seemed like a nice guy, she couldn’t get over his towering height. It made her feel like a little child when she stood next to him.

“Tia and the baby are safe. When she is strong enough for visitors we will send for you,” the angel answered. He looked upon all of the faces staring back at him, appearing lost and confused. “My name is Enoch…I walked with God while I lived on earth, and then I was no more,” he smiled hoping that his words would jog their memory of the short passage in the Bible. However, judging by their blank stares he could tell that their minds were not in a thinking mood. “Like you I ascended, however, you all will be sent back. I will be your teacher while you are here.”

“How long will we be here?” Cora asked.

“Until I am given the order to send you back,” Angel Enoch answered.

“But, two of us are pregnant and will be due soon,” Makayla said pointing towards her cousin Mei.

“I see three,” Angel Enoch corrected.

“Three, oh you must mean Tia,” Mei replied.

“Oh no sweetie,” Angel Enoch stepped towards the crowd of women and stood before Cora. “If we do not help this one now you will not have the family your heart dreams of,” Angel Enoch said touching Cora’s belly.

“Me,” Cora cried out. “But, I am not able to have children.”

“God makes the impossible possible,” Angel Enoch smiled as he returned to his original spot in front of the women and children. “Follow me, I will take you on a tour and show you your rooms. He turned his back to them as he spoke and headed towards the fifteen-foot high arched doorway. Marla quickly helped Makayla with her youngest son, Enoch. Cora picked up Mei’s youngest son Rafael, while Mei took Uriel’s hand. Makayla took Solomon’s hand, as Cressida picked up her daughter Temperance.  Anna followed behind, keeping her mind focused on the pregnant women, in case they showed any signs of distress, she would much rather focus on them then understanding what just happened.

The angel Enoch guided them through the entire campus explaining to them each and every room of the seventy-seven room structure. He explained to them that they had entered a realm of deep spiritual learning and understanding. For the duration of their stay they would learn the art of spiritual warfare and the mysteries of the human body.

After a long, and highly detailed tour. The Angel Enoch led them to their room. Although, there was enough space for each of them to sleep in separate rooms. He designed one large room for them to share. The purpose would be explained to them later.

Clothes were brought in for the women and children, along with all supplies needed for daily grooming. There was a large bathroom with multiple stalls; however, there were no mirrors in the bathroom.

All of the decor, furniture, walls, and ceiling were white and trimmed in gold. The women were all amazed and humbled by the opportunity to be in such a sacred place.
Even the children seem to know that they were some place special. Not one infant cried and not one child complained. It was the realm that seems to keep them content.

The Angel Enoch left them to settle in. Before he left he informed them that tomorrow would be a big day.

What was considered morning came early and the women and children were all woken, served breakfast, and after they showered and dressed in what The Angel Enoch referred to as their uniform, they were ready for their first day of school.  Guardian Angels entered their room and loving took the children away to the day care. The Angel Enoch entered soon after to lead the women to their classroom.

He brought them to a large room where eight student desks were placed in perfect rows. Tia was still in recovery after losing so much blood. The Angel Enoch informed them that they would get the opportunity to meet the newest family member very soon.

“Children!” The Angel Enoch called out, pulling their attention to the front of the classroom where he stood. He looked at his small group of students. Each of them beautiful and unique. ” Please find your seats,” he said as his hand pointed in the direction of the student desks.

“Mr. Angel …ah,” Mei began to gently protest as she rested her hand on her swollen womb.

“You can address me as Teacher, and there are special desks for you and Makayla in the front row,” he spoke gently to Mei.

“Thank you, Teacher,” Mei smiled as she and Makayla found their seats at the front of the class.

“Does anyone have any questions?” Enoch asks as he slowly paces the front of the classroom. Hands flung up in the air, he points to Cressida.

“Is our family back home safe?” Cressida asks.

“Safe, yes. Also, a messenger was sent. You being here is a blessing, however, they need to focus on finding the key to the Codex and eventually the Codex itself, but that’s a long story,” Enoch answers.

“What’s a codex?” Makayla asks.

Enoch turns his attention towards her. “The Codex that we are speaking of is an ancient book. It will help all spiritual warriors defeat the enemy.” he paused and looked upon the confused faces of his students. “Do you know why God sent the Ten Commandments?” Enoch questioned them.

“It’s the laws we must obey,” Cora answered.

“Yes, but why?” Enoch replied.

The room fell silent.

“The Ten Commandments are specially designed to help you live a harmonious life, and insure your return to Eden,” Enoch said.

“Return to Eden?” Cora asks while raising an eyebrow.

“That is how it all began,” Enoch said as he moved about the classroom. “One fallen angel planted a destructive seed in the form of a thought.”

“Envy?” Cora questioned.

“Right, but how does this lead to the commandments?” Enoch questioned the class.

Again the room became silent.

“That one negative seed that Lucifer placed in the mind of mankind, created a domino effect that caused mankind to fall into chaos. But, it was not just mankind. There are angels, who were sent to be guardians over mankind. They lusted after the women taking them as wives and creating creatures that should not have been. God cleansed the earth, but a few escaped and now are trying to return into earth’s stratosphere to mate and bring forth more of their kind,” he paused as he looked around the room.  “The commandments help to bring about harmony and to guard against the effects of the first sin. Why do people kill? What is the root? Why do people covet things that are not their own?”

“Jealousy and envy,” Cora answered solemnly.

“And now you are beginning to understand the basics,” Enoch smiled as he turned his back to them to clean off his chalkboard. “Where are we and why are we here?” he questioned the class as he began to draw the Earth and its solar system with perfect precision. He drew the images on one fourth of the chalkboard leaving the rest blank. He placed the chalk down and dusts his hands off, while turning to face the class. “We aren’t alone in this universe and there are a few things you should know before you are mislead down the wrong path.” He pointed to the drawing of Earth and its surrounding planets. “The Creator made this for us,” he emphasized his words. “Man can travel where ever he wants, but there is nothing better out there for mankind than what God has already given them. Yes, there are planets out there with life and ones who had life, but they are not designed to work with the human body. So what does all this mean? This is your home…” he pointed to Earth once more. “It is alive, like you. It breathes, like you. It also gets sick like you. It has to be cleansed, just like you. Don’t take for granted what God has given. It will only be a matter of time before the Earth will have to cleanse itself again. Of course, God is the one who calls all the shots.” Enoch smiled as he looked at the faces staring back at him.

“Teacher,” Marla raised her hand to ask a question.

“Yes darling,” Enoch answered.

“Mankind has already done so much damage to Earth. How can…” she paused to double check the number of women present. “Six women do to save a planet?” she asks.

“Seven, don’t forget Tia. Seven, that’s a big number…that’s also a sacred number. Seven can do a lot, yet, it only takes one person to change the world,” Enoch answers.

“People don’t care anymore, they are full of apathy,” Anna complained.

Enoch looked at her for a moment. “You have seen a lot. Times sure have changed since you last enjoyed the simple pleasures,” he said as he walked towards her.

“I just…don’t know,” Anna paused unable to focus on her question, while under the watchful eye of Enoch. He peered into her appearing as if he knew her deep secret.

“Why haven’t you let go Anna?” Enoch asks.

“Let go. What do you mean?”  She asked while fidgeting in her seat. Everyone was now watching them and she felt the heat of embarrassment upon her.

“I do not mean to embarrass you, my apologies,” Enoch said pulling back his focus on her.

“Are you all right, Anna?” Mei asks looking back at her.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” Anna quickly looked away she was visible shaken by the experience.

“Why don’t we all take a break? It’s time for lunch anyway,” Enoch said doing his best to take the focus off of Anna. He could see that she was not ready to reveal her secret to everyone. His heart went out to her knowing that one day soon she would have to face the courage to tell her secret and let go.

Mei caught up to Anna, hoping to speak with her to see if everything was okay with her. “Anna, do you need to talk?” Mei asked as they walked to the cafeteria.

“Oh no sweet child, I’m fine. I just need a moment to catch my breath,” Anna answered.

“Are you sure? If you need someone to talk to, I’m all ears,” Mei insisted.

“Thank you, you’re very sweet, but don’t worry about me. I will see you in class after lunch,” Anna said turning off from the direction of the cafeteria.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Mei asked confused.

Anna didn’t answer; she seemed preoccupied with her troubling thoughts. She had to speak with the teacher. She needed to explain to him her situation. She waited for the other women to disappear into the cafeteria and then she returned to the classroom. The angel Enoch was there, he seems to be waiting for her.  He stood from his desk.

“Come have a seat,” he offered pointing to a chair in front of his desk.

Anna sat down quietly, and then looked towards Enoch as he took his seat. “I’ve been in that family for so many years…I don’t want to leave,” she spoke softly.

“The Martinez boys are grown men now. Maxwell and Tamarius all have children of their own and wives. Do you really plan to stay until the new generation grows old? They will begin to wonder about you,” Enoch replied. As he folded his hands and rested them on the table.

“I’m loved and needed here,” Anna defended in a weak voice.

“You will always be loved and needed. Here and on the other side. “Enoch’s heart seems to sigh for Anna. He understood she enjoyed the love and acceptance she was given and it would be hard to walk away from.

“But, Mei…she…” Anna began to cry.

“She reminds you of your niece, Stephanie, I know. Anna, you died over one hundred years ago. I want for you to ascend, but I have to allow you to see that it is not a scary thing. You were a good person in life, were you not?” Enoch asked.

“Yes, but I did not believe in God.  I-I did not understand his importance…until I met Daisy Martinez,” Anna smiled. “But by then, it was already too late for me. She invited me to come into her home. She treated me as if I were still a living being. I had the same role that I did in my previous life, and I was very good at it,” she paused as she thought back to the day she took her last breath. “He murdered me, and didn’t even have the decency to give me a proper burial,” she then sobbed.

“I know…that wasn’t all that he did to you, but even though you did not believe in God…Your generosity, love and care you showed others…it caused your spirit to shine like a beacon into the heavens. God sees you, loves you and is waiting for you to come home. You deserve a break, do you want to be servant for man all of eternity or a servant of God?” Enoch questioned.

Anna stays quiet for a moment. It was not really a question of her serving God, but she thought of Mei and the kids, the boys she helped raise to men. She would miss them greatly.

“You won’t miss them, you will be able to visit from time to time,” Enoch said reading her thoughts.

“They are such amazing people, all of them,” Anna cried out once more.

“There is no rush,” Enoch said standing from his desk. “Take your time and ascend when you are ready.” He moved around the desk and stood before her. “Come, before the others come back from lunch, let me show you what you’re missing out on,” he stretched out his hand towards her.

Anna looked up at him a bit confused. “I thought you said I can take my time?”

“This is just a tour…You hear those angels singing in the background?” he pointed one finger upwards.

“Yea,” Anna answered.

“Wouldn’t you like to see them in action?” Enoch asked.

Anna smiled and thought about it for a while. “I will come back?”

“Of course, even if you beg me to stay,” he teased.

Anna laughed then nodded her head. “Yes, okay.”

“Let’s go and praise God,” Enoch took her hand and they ascended to a higher level together.



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