Your Essence


Your Essence

By April Thomas

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words in a mysterious wind. Through the crashing waves of life’s circumstance, your essence silently draws me in.

Why do I stand here roaming earth’s hostile atmosphere, praying for the moment that I will find you there.

Each time that I say my heart cannot take anymore, it’s your silent call I can’t seem to ignore.

Violently I’m washed up against the ocean shore, without hesitation my heart seeks more.

More of your love, more of your presence. Just another chance to become lost in your essence.

Lost to me by evil fate, this last gamble I will take. Throwing all I own into an uncertain path, I choose to stand against the wicked wrath.

Falling to my knees succumbing to the pain…

I cry out to The One Who Created us flesh, soul, and all. He strengthens my heart once more to take this final step.

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words…I stretch through the darkness risking it all.

A Relentless Love



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Dearly Beloved

(Amy part VII)


Dearly beloved if you only knew

How my love’s still true to you

There’s never a day that passes by

I’d think of you and start to cry


Dearly beloved there it goes

Time without you always slows

I’d cross again this great divide

Just to have you by my side


Dearly beloved forget the rest

Compared to them you’re just the best

There’s nothing else I’d rather be

But loving you who’s loving me


Dearly beloved my heart’s gone sore

And everyday I want you more

Amy my love I ask how long

Let me know please sing the song


Dearly beloved show the sign

I want you in these arms of mine

I want to caress your tender lips

And feel you on my fingertips


Beloved if I fade away

Bring me back like yesterday

You know I’ve fallen once before

Now I’ll endure forevermore


Dearly beloved please come soon

Confront me under the shining moon

I’ll fight my way through this endeavor

To love you…




Asayake RaiX

What is Feral Revised all about?



What is Feral Revised all about?


Feral is a story about a girl who became lost in the Canadian wilderness when the family was on vacation. She was two years old when she disappeared, at seven she was found, and after extensive therapy she was returned to her family in Orlando Florida, where the story is based. After being reformed her family still sees problems in her and fear that she will never be able to settle down and raise a family like her six sisters. So they arrange a marriage for her, to a wealthy philanthropist.


The story is based in the present, and the premise of Feral is the concept of real love. We grow up in a world were we are thought to not express ourselves truthfully. We don’t always allow ourselves to show someone how much we love them. We think that by showing them this level of love, that we will be seen as weak or pathetic in their eyes. However, the truth is, it takes real strength to say I love you and mean it. It takes integrity to give yourself to that one person and no one else. So the point that I hope you walk away with, is this. Life should be enjoyed and if you are lucky enough to find real love don’t throw it away. Cherish your spouse and carry them in your spirit where ever you may go.

Codex and The Being of Karma~ Coming Soon

By the end of this month Codex the 5th book in my series will be complete. I look forward to sharing it with everyone.  If you want to learn more about my books please visit my website. Have a wonderful sunday and God bless.

Demented by April Thomas


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JAN 25-26

The Wind of Change






The Wind of Change


Have you ever heard the saying, “The same wind blows on us all, so it’s not the blowing of the wind, but the set of the sail.” I listen to a lot of Jim Rohn, a motivational/Network Marketing speaker. He has these great philosophies he lives his life by, and I have adopted a few to help me in my life journey. One of my favorites that he teaches is ‘The same wind blows on us all’ meaning we all have the same opportunities and difficulties. In my personal life I am going through a lot at the moment, but what keeps me strong and gives me endurance is my belief in God and trust in his plan for my life.


We all go through hard times; it’s how we handle it that creates our future. Sometimes the easy way out can be very destructive to your future and sometimes what my look difficult can turn out to be the best direction for you. I don’t know what’s happening in your life, but I’m sure there is a mix of opportunity and difficulty. It’s just how life is. When life gives you difficulty, it does not come without the opportunity to change. The chance at something better than what you have now. Difficulty presents a chance to rise above the challenge, and gain more wisdom and insight that you had before.


So, set your sail for victory over what is oppressing you, research all of your options and have complete trust in God, that his plan is ten times greater than your own.


Codex & The Being of Karma

Codex & The Being of Karma

The Endurance Series 5th book

Karma is making her rounds and death is close behind her… The women of the Martinez family return, however, they are not the damsels in distress that they once were. When the family has to split up in order to help save close friends and family members, they are all put to the challenge and death must take one of them.  The pain of losing a love one can cause insanity and Satan hopes that this will be his one chance to destroy the spiritual warriors of the Martinez family forever.

The Endurance Series is a story about one family’s personal experience in love, family, and spiritual warfare. In the first book ‘Endurance The Power Within’ we learn of Mei and the life tragedy that later lead her to victory over negativity and oppression. In the first book we also experience the beginning of Mei and Max’s epic love that spreads and transforms those around them to discover the love they have always been searching for, and to live life with a meaningful purpose.

Broken is the second book of the series. Some things are meant to be broken when Max and Mei begin their college years they have to learn to work together to be an effective team against the enemy. Spirit is the third book of the series taking you back in time to experience the life changing events that certain family members endured to bring them to their present point in life. Apathy is the fourth book of the series. In the fourth book the family sets out to help the son of a close family friend. Little do they know it will turn out to be a much greater adventure then they had expected.

The Endurance Series is a great fun filled book with many unpredictable twist and turns to keep your imagination running with excitement. It is told in a way that will inspire your own sense of adventure and mystery, even stirring up those profound feelings of eternal love. Don’t let another day go by with out enjoying this intoxicating story of love and war.

Codex~ Coming Soon!Image

Take a peek

Take a peek

I have posted excerpts from my book Endurance The Power Within you can read from Chapters 1-5 on my website just click on the link, enjoy 🙂

Demented’s Poem titled Love vs Death

Love vs Death


What can be stronger than death?

I loved him beyond space and time.

What can be stronger than death?

I knew for eternity he would be mine.

What can be stronger than death?

I found myself in a place without you.

What can be stronger than death?

The atmosphere my love for you imbued.

What can be stronger than death?

I wrestled with death, my heart ached to be reunited

What can be stronger death?

The love that I carry for you can not be compared

What can be stronger than love?

Nothing! Nothing can be stronger than love.

God’s love created the earth and space surrounding.

His love form the trees, animals, and earthly beings.

Nothing is more powerful than love, not even death.