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Through The Rain by April Thomas


Through The Rain


Through the rain, he walks for me.

Thunder, lightning, hail, he comes to me.


Winter, spring, summer or fall. 

I know now he will risk it all. 


The love and passion pours from his soul, 

Filling my emptiness making me whole.


Young is our love in earthly years.

Ancient are our souls, which fought through our human fears. 


Twins born from a sacred bond, 

Twin souls trapped in Earth’s spiritual war.


Destiny holds us together, 

The purity of our love flowing for one another


Sanity has no home here in our love, 

Insane is our passion insane is our love.


Darkness has tried its best to destroy God’s chosen alliance,

Yet all it has done is strengthen our passion and empower our defiance. 


Now through the storm we will risk it all,

Not fire, hail, or rainstorm will make us fall. 

Higher we rise into God’s embrace. 

Higher we rise above this brutal place.


I crave him more than life itself, 

Should our paths split, 

Earth’s gravity will surly shift.

For we have no desire to be with any other.



Authors Supporting Authors

I recently had a dream of a group of people stuck at the bottom of a well. After struggling to find a way out on their own, they all realized that if they put their backs together, and walked up the wall, they could make it to the top,and get out. I woke understanding that if we came together we can all get what we want and more.

In this video, I am sharing books from other Authors. I hope you enjoy and you are welcome to share.

Your Essence


Your Essence

By April Thomas

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words in a mysterious wind. Through the crashing waves of life’s circumstance, your essence silently draws me in.

Why do I stand here roaming earth’s hostile atmosphere, praying for the moment that I will find you there.

Each time that I say my heart cannot take anymore, it’s your silent call I can’t seem to ignore.

Violently I’m washed up against the ocean shore, without hesitation my heart seeks more.

More of your love, more of your presence. Just another chance to become lost in your essence.

Lost to me by evil fate, this last gamble I will take. Throwing all I own into an uncertain path, I choose to stand against the wicked wrath.

Falling to my knees succumbing to the pain…

I cry out to The One Who Created us flesh, soul, and all. He strengthens my heart once more to take this final step.

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words…I stretch through the darkness risking it all.

A Relentless Love


Codex and The Being of Karma~ Coming Soon

By the end of this month Codex the 5th book in my series will be complete. I look forward to sharing it with everyone.  If you want to learn more about my books please visit my website. Have a wonderful sunday and God bless.

Take a peek

Take a peek

I have posted excerpts from my book Endurance The Power Within you can read from Chapters 1-5 on my website just click on the link, enjoy 🙂


The new book trailer for Endurance


Get a personally autographed copy of Broken and Endurance through I love connecting with my readers and would enjoy autographing personal copies. They also make great gifts. Have a great weekend God bless.

CODEX & The being of KARMA


Karma is a beast of which I’m told
Through the eyes of God, your story unfolds.
Too rich to care of a suffering man
Too bitter to hear loves constant demand.

Karma is a beast of which I’m told,
she takes you hostage,
pride, greed, lust emotions of the cold.
Aware of her approach you change your tune,
performing good deeds, under the sun and the moon.
Through repent and deep prayer some are spared,
but for the stubborn, dirty deeds are aired.

Karma is a beast of which I’m told
A woman and an owl both silent, both bold.

Karma is a beast of which I’m told
she never forgets to collect her balanced toll.

Prey (poem)



Like a botanical garden in the midst of chaos, your body summons me,
as my eyes gorge themselves of you, I know that this can not be.
Your love, you carelessly throw on plants and animals you do not know,
but for me, for me, you care not to show.
How is this right? When all that I have been taught tells me it’s wrong.
Foolish to care, foolish to feel the love that is blossoming strong.

Like a predator stalking his prey, I follow you through this miasma world, you see as a Nirvana.
This… veneer dimension, you hold so dear, in it I wait to capture you there.
Like a predator I will take down my prey, and adhere to my beliefs no matter the fear.

The opportunity has come and we stand face to face…
lost in your beauty…somehow, I’ve fallen into your  embrace.

The abyss of your love writhes me with pain. The abyss of your love…atavistic and pure…
Release me from your wretched hold, release me I beg, before I lose my cold…
Don’t let me slip deeper into your love, for I know I will lose the things I’ve held above.