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Is Love Under Attack?


For the past five years, I have written and self-published nine books. All have been based on love, life, and spiritual warfare. As I settle down to write my tenth book, I find myself wondering if Love is under attack? Can it be attacked? What is Love?

Love is such a powerful emotion…a powerful entity. Through the pains, disappointments and turmoils life has thrown my way. I have come to realize that God is Love; I have faced death, experienced loss, thrived in suffering, and I still can find it in my heart to forgive those who have hurt me, and let go bitterness. All because of Love.

Is Love under attack? I ask this question because I see so many people unhappy in relationships, and so many families being destroyed. Couples don’t fight to stay together anymore, they don’t take chances to let the other know how much they mean to them. Words aren’t enough. Actions do speak louder than words. Yet, empty words are all

When I was a child I was inspired by Love, seeing married couples, father’s cherishing their daughters. Mother’s making sacrifices for their children and family. To me it was beautiful, it is what life is all about. We go to work each day to provide for the people we love. We humble ourselves, and do things that we don’t want to, because we want what’s best for our children.

I guess the reason why my heart is rambling on about this topic is because, I am saddened by what I see happening in the world. Many people have become apathetic about family and marriage…Love. I don’t want to be apathetic about Love…I don’t want to give up…however, how do you fight alone?

There is so much ugliness happening in the world. Compassionless, ignorant people, hating children, because they are trying to escape their country, which is over ridden with drug cartels, who are raping and killing them. Children being kidnapped and slaughtered for senseless reasons. I am constantly asking where is humanity? Even the animal kingdom is more humane. Is hating any person because of their differences even worth it. Our differences is what makes us beautiful. It’s what makes us amazing.

We need to love more and hate less.


The Dragon & The Phoenix by April Thomas

The Dragon & The Phoenix


Filled with pride, ego, and power he set out to destroy her. 


The Phoenix in an unsettled rest surrounds her self with love, peace, harmony and beauty. She knows of the quite storm rumbling below her, but with a firm footing in her faith she is prepared for the finally battle. 


He comes towards her with an untamed, dark and violent spirit, but she is unmoved. 


Like the most elegant dances performed by the most praised dancers, they fight. However, their fight appears to others as a simple lover’s quarrel, but upon deeper observation the truth is revealed. 


Once upon a time they were one… he lead and she followed without question, and with complete trust. Now like an unexpected shift of the earth’s axis. A bitter war between them rumbles on. Swords are drawn and flesh is sliced open, pure red blood flows, and pain is suppressed as they fight on uncaring of who lives or who dies. No longer do they fight for their own lives it is all about the battle of good verses evil. 


Who will win, who will lose? He vows that no one will have her, she promises she will one day know happiness. The battle continues on, and in the end only one is left standing.


Dropping her sword she kneels down besides her fallen love. She holds him close, resting his head on her beast, as life slips away from him, he understands now, what he should of understood before, that no one can defeat love.


As she whispers her final good bye, she lifts her soul to the Creator to be renewed and returned to fight the darkness with love once again.


copyright 2014 April ThomasImage

I want you by April Thomas


I Want You

Can you hear it…the sound of love’s heart,

 thumping…pounding… moaning…I want you.

kissing, grinding, moaning can you hear my heart?


Can you feel it…the sensation of love’s tender kiss,

goosebumps traveling up my arm…I want you.

soft caress turn into passionate scratches…


Can you taste it…my lover’s sweet tongue 

caressing the softness of my lips.

Savoring the essence of me…I want you.


Can you smell it…the aroma,

 the musk of passion rising.

I woke up in the morning thinking, I want you!


Can you see it…

through love’s eyes we can only see  beauty,

blind to the ugliness of the world, we can only see each other.

copyright 2014 April Thomas


Do we give up too easily

on committed relationships?

Everyday you hear about couples splitting for various reasons. Divorce is such a common part of a relationship that it’s almost expected after a few years. Why is it that our grandparents stayed married for over 25,50 or in some cases 75 years? Yet today’s couples are surprised to make it to 5 or 7 years.when is it right to walk away from a committed relationship?

Most of us began learning about relationships through our parents. As a chile we took mental notes of how our parents handle disagreements and personal struggles. After a certain age we can no longer blame our parents for their mistakes in marriage and/or family life. Some where along the way we are now fully responsible for our actions,choices and circumstance.

Being in a committed relationship takes a lot of work patience and understanding. There will be disagreements, conflicts and various challenges. None of which is a reason to walk away. Each argument is an opportunity to learn more about your mate and yourself. It’s a great opportunity to grow and strengthen your relationship. It’s also a chance to create a stronger bond. Communication is such a powerful tool in any relationship and learning how to express yourself in a healthy way can turn any negative situation into a positive one, where both can grow from the experience.

We have so many layers to our personality,yet we are often surprised when we discover something new about our mate. If we were all one dimensional than this would all be very simple and boring. Thank God we are not, and this is what makes relationships so captivating.

We are all unique. Learning to compromise and accept each others difference is vital to the longevity of any relationship. Instead of trying to change each other accept each other as the unique beings we are. It could be challenging at first and takes practice and patience,but the rewards are great. They may not always reciprocate which is unfortunate, however you will learn a lot about yourself and people as a whole.

The next time you and your mate have reached a point where separation seems like a solution ask yourself this question. If you were to see them in a new relationship will you be upset or at peace. If you have children involved can you look your grown child in the eyes and tell them honestly that you did all that you could to save that relationship and that in the end we knew that separation was the best choice for your well being.

The best relationships started on a healthy foundation of mutual respect. Even though it can be lost at times. Respect can be found again.
Until next time God bless and live well.

April Thomas