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The Writer’s Diet

This video is about how certain foods help your brain to function better leading to a more efficient writing experience.


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I recently had a dream of a group of people stuck at the bottom of a well. After struggling to find a way out on their own, they all realized that if they put their backs together, and walked up the wall, they could make it to the top,and get out. I woke understanding that if we came together we can all get what we want and more.

In this video, I am sharing books from other Authors. I hope you enjoy and you are welcome to share.

Your Essence


Your Essence

By April Thomas

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words in a mysterious wind. Through the crashing waves of life’s circumstance, your essence silently draws me in.

Why do I stand here roaming earth’s hostile atmosphere, praying for the moment that I will find you there.

Each time that I say my heart cannot take anymore, it’s your silent call I can’t seem to ignore.

Violently I’m washed up against the ocean shore, without hesitation my heart seeks more.

More of your love, more of your presence. Just another chance to become lost in your essence.

Lost to me by evil fate, this last gamble I will take. Throwing all I own into an uncertain path, I choose to stand against the wicked wrath.

Falling to my knees succumbing to the pain…

I cry out to The One Who Created us flesh, soul, and all. He strengthens my heart once more to take this final step.

Like a still voice whispering inaudible words…I stretch through the darkness risking it all.

A Relentless Love


Demented~ New Book Coming out soon

Weekend Treats Collection


I wrote an erotica. My dirty little secret lol enjoy.


Present day, Brooklyn, New York, 2012
The still of the night has been broken by the sound of a hot-iron pot, filled with the night’s dinner, colliding with the skull of young Promise Emerson.
The house erupts into screams and cries as Delores Emerson struggles to protect her daughter from her belligerent husband. Prudence, her youngest daughter, backs herself into a corner and then slides to the floor, overwhelmed with fear. She buries her head in her knees and wraps her frail arms around her thin legs.
Promise falls to her knees, fully aware of the pain inflicted upon her, but disconnected from reality.
“No, No!” Delores cries out, fearing her daughter is mortally wounded. She rushes to her daughter’s aid, only to get hit in the face with the same pot, causing her to fall back in excruciating pain.
Blood oozes from Promise’s head injury as her father staggers over her, the hot pot still in his hand.
“Get out of here, you slut!” He throws the pot, grinning when it hits Promise’s shoulder.
Soft gentle whimpers fill the room as Promise stoically gets to her feet and leaves the room.
This is a typical night in the Emerson home…


A daughter of God, divinely chosen before her birth to carry out numerous important missions for God. She is one of many female warriors for God. Satan knew this and this was why he came after every man in her life. He did not want her to have any children knowing that each child she or anyone like her had, would bring devastation to his plans.


Broken is the second book of The Endurance Series. This series written by April Thomas is based on one families divine family to battle against evil and its’ fallen. Starting out with a young girl who has experience more pain in her life than she cares to think about, who reluctantly falls in love with a boy whose family changes her life forever. Things will never be the same for Mei or Max now that God has awaken them to bring into the world his four arch-angels and defeat the evil that is destroying humanity.


The new book trailer for Endurance


Touching The Untouchable

Get wrapped up in a passionate romance about a young woman’s struggle to understand love. Enjoy this short excerpt.

The wind blows through her tresses and fragrant flowers surround her as the evening sun radiates off her golden-brown skin. An elegant off-white wedding dress, with intricate designs, fits snug against her hourglass shape, drifting off into a wave of shimmering fabric.

By the look on her face, one can hardly believe this is the happiest day of her life.

“Can I get you anything?” He steps onto the balcony. The wind hits him with her fragrance, and his temperature rises. It takes all his strength to hold himself back from taking her, right there on the ledge.

“No, I’m just going to call and see how my mom is doing.” She moves past him, careful not to graze any part of her body against his.

She makes the call, anxious to hear any reputable news. Greeted by her mother’s nurse, she is unable to speak, directly, with her mother. The nurse informs her of the less-than-settling news. “Okay, please call me any time, for anything. Promise me?”

The nurse, reluctantly, agrees.

“Sweetie, it’s your wedding night, your mother will be fine.”

“I just want to know if anything changes, good or bad.”

“Alright, now go and enjoy that beautiful hunk. Don’t call me, I will call you.” The nurse ends the call, without accepting another word.

She stays on the line a bit longer, creating a facade, in an attempt to avoid her new husband’s alluring stare. However, the loud, repetitive tone blares in her ear while blood rushes to her cheeks, displaying an embarrassing red glow.

“Is everything alright?” He is longing for an excuse to hold her.

“Ah, everything is fine, for now.” She places the phone back onto its receiver.

“I will not request anything of you tonight.” He comes to a stand behind her.

“You will not request anything of me, ever!” The words leave her mouth, with bitter rage, as she turns to face him.

Swiftly, he pins her against the wall of their penthouse suite. His thigh forces her legs apart as he presses against her. “It is taking everything I have not to rip that dress off and devour you. Please, do not test my temper, as well.”

Was it her plump, quivering lips or the sensation of ample breasts pressing against his firm chest? Tobias Cavanaugh holds an unfathomable passion for Azura Hanson. To say she is beautiful would be too vague. Words cannot describe the beauty her being carries.

Her chest heaves up and down, the pressure becoming too much as her lungs fight for air.

“This is an arrangement. I was not given the opportunity to search out a more pleasing option.” She pushes on his broad chest, swiftly concealing the quiver shooting through her as she admires the feel of his flesh under her fingertips.

“An arrangement?”

“We both know the situation. Although I’m grateful for all you’re willing to do for my mother, I will not be your sex slave.”

Enjoy the full book in Ebook version or Printed Copy just follow the links.